9 Days to go, our long runs are under our belts and all there is left to do is some small runs, some CT sessions and some shitting ourselves before the big day.

Tonight to calm our nerves we will be doing this…




It dawned on me this morning that the Hackney Half Marathon was exactly one month away yesterday. Training has ramped up a notch, I’m running 2 10ks in the week, trying to squeeze another 5k in there somewhere AND then running my long run on a Sunday. Last week I ran 9 miles on Sunday – my longest distance to date and I was pretty stoked, I managed to beat my 10k time by 2 minutes and I did it all after a day drinking wine in the sun!


This morning I found a new power track, Brtiney Spears, Work Bitch. It’s bloody brilliant and it makes me run. What else is needed to push you up that hill than Britney singing in an English accent about wanting a Bugatti, a Maserati, a bikini body and the ability to sip Martinis and party in France?

29 days to go – it’s time to get to work BITCH.



My better half, partner in crime and one has well and truly been making me proud. We are both quietly sporting sore knees and still getting shit done – by shit I mean running! No offence to my compadre Cath but I never thought that my training inspiration would be you! I’m not sure where this smug athlete has been hiding but I’m so proud you have found it!

As I am having to mix my training up in preparation for the triathlon – I decided to sport a t-shirt and pumps and get on my bike this morning.

It’s Friday morning, Cathy has run 6.5 miles,  I’ve cycled 14 miles, we’re at our desks and we’re ready to take Friday on!

So here’s to you Catherine Fuller, you are my Friday inspiration – SMUG SUNS ALL ROUND!



What do you do when you’re meant to run 10k and your knee hurts? Mentally throw a custard pie at your knee and keep running…



Wow, it’s been a while hey? Sorry about that.

We’re busy girls, but don’t let our blogging absence fool you – we have been training hard!

Saturday night saw us do something that we have NEVER done on a Saturday night ever before- LIKE EVER (well except maybe when we’ve been concerned that we might not make last orders at a bar). We ran! Victoria Park in east Lahhndan played host to Nike’s We Own The Night, a women only 10k run that happens, you guessed it – at night.

I have to say that doing two 10ks earlier in the week really got me ready for it. For some (Ria included) a 10k isn’t a mega long distance – I am not one of those people, to say I was nervous would be an understatement. So I got my sneeks on and ran in preparation, it paid off too as I got a PB (wow I’m starting to sound like an actual runner aren’t I?!).

Ria absolutely smashed it – she came 514 out of 10, 000 people – I think that’s insane and must have discussed this about 100 times post race.

Here’s what we saw…

photo 1

We had burgers as our fuel (oopsie)

photo 2

photo 1a

photo 6

photo 7

photo 3a


photo 4a

photo 11

photo 12

Re-hydration is key – except when you put gin in your water bottles (no seriously there is gin in there).

So there you go – Saturday night got seriously owned- NUFF SAID.


This morning I ran for the first time since Friday. I wasn’t feeling well on Sunday which meant I didn’t do my run and I was pretty bummed out about it as it was the first run I’ve missed in my training so far. Fast forward two days and I’d completely lost my flow- this morning every single step was hell, I was thinking about every excuse I could come up with to hop on the next bus that went past but I carried on.

Now I’m at my desk and REALLY smug.

Moral of today’s story – FUCKING RUN, even when you really don’t want to.



Cast your minds back to 2006, a year when we celebrated finishing uni and partied without a care in the world. A McDonald’s breakfast was one of our main food groups and our hands were rarely seen without a Vodka Redbull.

This track was rife at uni nights back then and was a sure fire way for even the crapest DJ to redeem himself – cue groups of girls linking arms, closing their eyes and singing to the ceiling all whilst thinking they were in the final scene of Sex and The City (I can assure you in our minds we looked that cool and stylish, in reality we had VK Cherry stains on our Miss Selfridge denim mini skirts).

This track takes me back to that carefree time and every time it comes up on my playlist I smile about days gone by and my uni girls.



Here is a Friday shout-out to my hero of a brother. He is a true Champion and an amazing person in my life. He inspired me to run the marathon and enter The London Triathlon. He is also trying to convince me to get an Iron (wo)Man under my belt…watch this space.

So here’s to Russell Champion YOU DA MAN!



Today’s post takes shape in the form of a ‘Throwback Thursday’. Last July we ran Cancer Research’s Race for Life, 10k, a walk in the park for Ria and not so much for me!

Set in Hyde Park, it was the perfect setting for a Sunday run however for a girl that hadn’t done any exercise since the days of P.E (and I didn’t do much then), it was pretty horrid.

I didn’t really train (does two panicked 5k runs the fortnight before count?!), which meant that this was actually tough for me. That combined with 30 degree heat and one water station at 5k (ONE?!!) meant I moaned quite a lot (sorry Ria). But I still made it and we raised just over £300 for Cancer Research – job done. I must say that although I hated it I did love the feeling afterwards so I’m pinning my training for the Hackney Half Marathon on that feeling.

This year I feel really differently about running and training, I’m going into it with a positive head and I feel pumped! We’ve signed up for Nike’s We Own The Night 10k in May and I can’t wait (god I’ve changed).



Following on from Cath’s post about our ultimate power track of the moment, Midnight City; which incidentally came on my iPod just as I was running past Cath’s house on Monday evening not only spooky but it certainly made me pick up my pace and smile a lot!

The main reason I have been an on & off runner for the last 4 years is more to do with the fact that I find it is the best medicine to keep you feeling great. It allows you to release any negativity, think straight and feel great. It helped me through a pretty traumatic period of my life last year. Every time I felt low I put on my trainers, turned on my iPod and I ran a lot! Without fail I’d come home happy and super smug.

I take my running playlist pretty seriously and it is made up of a whole heap of songs that inspire, motivate and move me. My song of the week is a song that moves me. It takes me to a happy place where unicorns rule and the sun always shines. For the whole song I forget I am running, I forget the pain and I feel like I am on top of the world.

Well done song thanks for reminding me that the sun is always coming!