Wow, it’s been a while hey? Sorry about that.

We’re busy girls, but don’t let our blogging absence fool you – we have been training hard!

Saturday night saw us do something that we have NEVER done on a Saturday night ever before- LIKE EVER (well except maybe when we’ve been concerned that we might not make last orders at a bar). We ran! Victoria Park in east Lahhndan played host to Nike’s We Own The Night, a women only 10k run that happens, you guessed it – at night.

I have to say that doing two 10ks earlier in the week really got me ready for it. For some (Ria included) a 10k isn’t a mega long distance – I am not one of those people, to say I was nervous would be an understatement. So I got my sneeks on and ran in preparation, it paid off too as I got a PB (wow I’m starting to sound like an actual runner aren’t I?!).

Ria absolutely smashed it – she came 514 out of 10, 000 people – I think that’s insane and must have discussed this about 100 times post race.

Here’s what we saw…

photo 1

We had burgers as our fuel (oopsie)

photo 2

photo 1a

photo 6

photo 7

photo 3a


photo 4a

photo 11

photo 12

Re-hydration is key – except when you put gin in your water bottles (no seriously there is gin in there).

So there you go – Saturday night got seriously owned- NUFF SAID.


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