Today’s post takes shape in the form of a ‘Throwback Thursday’. Last July we ran Cancer Research’s Race for Life, 10k, a walk in the park for Ria and not so much for me!

Set in Hyde Park, it was the perfect setting for a Sunday run however for a girl that hadn’t done any exercise since the days of P.E (and I didn’t do much then), it was pretty horrid.

I didn’t really train (does two panicked 5k runs the fortnight before count?!), which meant that this was actually tough for me. That combined with 30 degree heat and one water station at 5k (ONE?!!) meant I moaned quite a lot (sorry Ria). But I still made it and we raised just over £300 for Cancer Research – job done. I must say that although I hated it I did love the feeling afterwards so I’m pinning my training for the Hackney Half Marathon on that feeling.

This year I feel really differently about running and training, I’m going into it with a positive head and I feel pumped! We’ve signed up for Nike’s We Own The Night 10k in May and I can’t wait (god I’ve changed).



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