Following on from Cath’s post about our ultimate power track of the moment, Midnight City; which incidentally came on my iPod just as I was running past Cath’s house on Monday evening not only spooky but it certainly made me pick up my pace and smile a lot!

The main reason I have been an on & off runner for the last 4 years is more to do with the fact that I find it is the best medicine to keep you feeling great. It allows you to release any negativity, think straight and feel great. It helped me through a pretty traumatic period of my life last year. Every time I felt low I put on my trainers, turned on my iPod and I ran a lot! Without fail I’d come home happy and super smug.

I take my running playlist pretty seriously and it is made up of a whole heap of songs that inspire, motivate and move me. My song of the week is a song that moves me. It takes me to a happy place where unicorns rule and the sun always shines. For the whole song I forget I am running, I forget the pain and I feel like I am on top of the world.

Well done song thanks for reminding me that the sun is always coming!


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