My better half, partner in crime and one has well and truly been making me proud. We are both quietly sporting sore knees and still getting shit done – by shit I mean running! No offence to my compadre Cath but I never thought that my training inspiration would be you! I’m not sure where this smug athlete has been hiding but I’m so proud you have found it!

As I am having to mix my training up in preparation for the triathlon – I decided to sport a t-shirt and pumps and get on my bike this morning.

It’s Friday morning, Cathy has run 6.5 miles,  I’ve cycled 14 miles, we’re at our desks and we’re ready to take Friday on!

So here’s to you Catherine Fuller, you are my Friday inspiration – SMUG SUNS ALL ROUND!



Here is a Friday shout-out to my hero of a brother. He is a true Champion and an amazing person in my life. He inspired me to run the marathon and enter The London Triathlon. He is also trying to convince me to get an Iron (wo)Man under my belt…watch this space.

So here’s to Russell Champion YOU DA MAN!



Following on from Cath’s post about our ultimate power track of the moment, Midnight City; which incidentally came on my iPod just as I was running past Cath’s house on Monday evening not only spooky but it certainly made me pick up my pace and smile a lot!

The main reason I have been an on & off runner for the last 4 years is more to do with the fact that I find it is the best medicine to keep you feeling great. It allows you to release any negativity, think straight and feel great. It helped me through a pretty traumatic period of my life last year. Every time I felt low I put on my trainers, turned on my iPod and I ran a lot! Without fail I’d come home happy and super smug.

I take my running playlist pretty seriously and it is made up of a whole heap of songs that inspire, motivate and move me. My song of the week is a song that moves me. It takes me to a happy place where unicorns rule and the sun always shines. For the whole song I forget I am running, I forget the pain and I feel like I am on top of the world.

Well done song thanks for reminding me that the sun is always coming!



Whilst Cath was busy getting all serious and running in the sun I was being a little less serious ‘training’ in the snow. Being fairly new to skiing I would like to think that all those turns and the feeling of lactic acid overload in my legs at the end of a black run is a sign that I did good.


Cath and I know the meaning of hard work and we are also firm believers that there needs to be some play otherwise life would be just boring!