As much as we wish it was, unfortunately the best way to start the day is not with cake and a glass of champagne. We’ve therefore been experimenting with other ways to start it off right; this week it’s green juice. Healthy, tasty and most importantly filling – it really isn’t as bad as it looks!

There are quite possibly 100 million different recipes for green juice, this is just one of them, it will make enough for two people.

You will need:


– 3 large handfuls of curly kale. Known as the ‘Queen of Greens’, kale is the power house in this juice. Full of anti-oxidants and iron, kale is also packed with A, B, B-6, C and K vitamins – WOAH.


– Half a kiwi fruit. Kiwi’s are a great source of potassium. They have the same level as a banana but half the calories plus they are full of vitamin C – no flu for you!


– Half a lemon. Mainly used in this recipe to add flavor, lemons also have a healthy amount of minerals as well as vitamin C and B-complex.


– Half a cucumber. 95% water, the cucumber is great for hydration and is apparently known as a hangover cure – BONUS.


Put all the ingredients in a blender, add half a pint of apple juice and blend.

IMG_0239 IMG_0242

Et voila! Green juice for two.



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